Selective Trial Test Course

About This Course

Our Selective Trial Tests Course has been reviewed and restructured to include the Selective Preliminary Course to ensure that they are relevant, suitable and of high quality so that our students are best prepared for Selective Schools Test. This course is a significant part of our program for Year 5/6 students who are enrolled in the Selective High School and Private School Scholarship Tests Preparation Course. 

Test information

From 2025, the placement tests for selective high schools and opportunity classes will move from single version paper-based tests to computer-based tests. The computer-based tests will mostly be held in external test centres.

The Selective High School Placement Test has been designed to allow students to demonstrate their abilities across a range of areas, including reading, mathematical reasoning, thinking skills and writing.

In 2024, the placement test is in a paper-based format.

Test Structure

The test consists of four sections and is structured as follows:



4030Multiple choice25% 

Mathematical reasoning

4035Multiple choice25% 

Thinking skills

4040Multiple choice35% 


301Open response15% 

Benefits of CS Education Trial Test Course

  • Online review provided for all incorrect questions with video explanations.
  • Up-to-date content which familiarises students with applications of knowledge.
  • Students improve speed and accuracy.
  • Familiarises students with an environment which mimics NSW Government regulations for testing.
  • Immediate feedback on strengths and weaknesses.
  • Unique 6-steps Blended Learning System which consolidates student Knowledge through testing and tutor assisted reviews, instant reporting and analysis of results, and strength and weakness improvement.
What benefits will your child have when attending CS Education?
  1. Implemented to help familiarise students with up-to-date content, and learning environments
  2. Teachers review test paper with particular focus on difficult or statistically low questions
  3. Instant report generation after exam is completed
  4. Accessible anytime, anywhere
  5. Incorrect questions can be viewed on subject/topic basis
  6. Put in place for further questions