CS Education is a well-established college that has provided comprehensive coaching and tutoring services to students since 2002. Its aim is to improve the educational opportunities available to students in Australia and other regions in the Asia-Pacific. The approach to coaching and tuition it utilities is not only unique but also very effective, covering all levels from kindergarten to Year 6. It includes customized learning material and resources for both traditional and Internet-based learning modules to prepare students for entry examinations into Opportunity Class, Selective High School and Private School Scholarship.

Through the development of advanced technology, CS Online School has been proven to be an innovative and successful education module widely used by students. The business growth in the online school has contributed to a very satisfactory increase in revenue.



What CS Education Does

We provide a positive and motivating atmosphere to accelerate students’ learning. Through our well-designed programs, we aim to give our students greater motivation to succeed academically. Most importantly, CS Education has developed into a sophisticated and personalised education system to cater for all aspects of student learning.




Writing | Creative Writing, English | Reading Skills, Mathematics | Mathematical Reasoning and General Ability | Thinking Skills.


These are designed to rapidly bring a student up to the standard required to succeed in our comprehensive courses.


Special courses in each school holiday enable students to improve in a particular area, prepare for a forthcoming test.


We can prepare the students for whatever assessment, test or exam they’ll be sitting.


CEO Message

The board, management and staff are very pleased to introduce to you CS Education Group [CS Education, CS Edu U, CS Institute Australia, CS Franchising, CS Digital Publishing, Personal Advantage – PA+, CS Online School, Connected School, Writing School, OmniAll].

We aim to deliver quality education and learning programs to students from Kindy to Year 12 and adult individuals to pursue their education, training and career pathway.

Since the foundation of CS Education in 1992, we have committed ourselves to providing students comprehensive tutoring and coaching programs. We also aim to deliver quality vocational and training programs to all unique individuals.

CS Education team is enthusiastic to adopt innovative techniques for educating the student. The CS Online School has further developed into offering Blended Learning. We take great pride in our work, care and passion.

Testimony Kim


CS Education brings together everything needed for a Total Education Solution.

We aims to offer an educational solution providing everything necessary to equip students with an education equal to the best in the world in the 21st century. In order to do this we will select the best systems, the most helpful books, and the latest ideas from educators all around the world, and adapt them where necessary for use in Australia.

It is our intention to bring something new to education in Australia, to provide a platform on which we will develop new education systems and methods, and thus to advance the quality of education so that our students have a real advantage.

Whilst we expect our students to excel in the Australia education system, our aim goes far beyond this. We intend to provide here in Australia a system of education in line with the best in the world.
You will find that the different parts of our website are complementary; they work together to ensure the integrity of our system.

We do not just recommend books or advise tuition – CS Education brings together everything needed for a Total Education Solution.