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WEMG Course

Our Primary Comprehensive Courses are available in all primary grades and cover the following areas.

Essay Writing : Each week students receive instruction in an aspect of writing and then complete an exercise. Over a period they become familiar with all genres and styles of writing.

English : Reading and Comprehension exercises are combined with instruction and questions on Grammar, Vocabulary and Punctuation. Each unit is completed by a Novel Study. Students are required to read a novel each term and answer questions which test their understanding.

Word Knowledge : This vocabulary exercise is to be completed each week at home. Students are allowed to use a dictionary if unsure of the meaning of a word, and they then have to write a sentence to show that they understand how to use the word correctly.

Maths : The lesson includes instruction on the topic being studied and a number of exercises relating to that subject. There are three levels of difficulty in each year’s grade.

Mental Maths : Provides practice to be done as homework, plus a number of maths problems to be solved.

General Ability : The GA book includes questions on verbal and non-verbal reasoning and on spatial reasoning. The teacher gives a clear explanation of each answer.


CS Education’s Selective & Scholarship Trial Tests have been developed to help our students to best prepared for the Private School Scholarship & Selective High School Entrance Examination. These trial test courses are significant part of our program for Year 5 & Year 6 students who are enrolled in the Private School Scholarship / Selective High School Tests Preparation Course.

What benefits will your child have?

  • Trial Test Course increases students’ accuracy.
  • Trial Test Course increases students’ speed.
  • Through practising exam questions every week, students’ test ability and result improve.
  • Weekly result sheets indicate a student’s weak areas, giving immediate feedback to parents about which area the student should concentrate on.
  • Students’ performance and progress are assessed accurately on a weekly basis.

WEMG Course

Special courses in each school holiday enable students to improve in a particular area, prepare for a forthcoming test or learn entirely new skill such as public speaking or drama.




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