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WEMG Course

Our Primary Comprehensive Courses are available in all primary grades and cover the following areas.

Essay Writing : Each week students receive instruction in an aspect of writing and then complete an exercise. Over a period they become familiar with all genres and styles of writing.

English : Reading and Comprehension exercises are combined with instruction and questions on Grammar, Vocabulary and Punctuation. Each unit is completed by a Novel Study. Students are required to read a novel each term and answer questions which test their understanding.

Word Knowledge : This vocabulary exercise is to be completed each week at home. Students are allowed to use a dictionary if unsure of the meaning of a word, and they then have to write a sentence to show that they understand how to use the word correctly.

Maths : The lesson includes instruction on the topic being studied and a number of exercises relating to that subject. There are three levels of difficulty in each year’s grade.

Mental Maths : Provides practice to be done as homework, plus a number of maths problems to be solved.

General Ability : The GA book includes questions on verbal and non-verbal reasoning and on spatial reasoning. The teacher gives a clear explanation of each answer.

WEMS Course

We make sure that students are competent essay writers, able to read and comprehend texts of all types and confident in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Vocabulary is strengthened, in application as well as understanding. Students also begin to learn the fundamentals of textual analysis and they begin to develop a formal literary terminology. The lesson book supplied covers all these matters. Students are also expected to complete homework, usually the planning and/or writing of an essay related to the topic taught in class.

In Mathematics all topics in the Victorian curriculum are taught and class tests, homework and constant evaluation of results ensures that each student’s progress is closely monitored. The Lesson and Homework books supplied complement one another and the homework reinforces the topic taught in class. Provision is made for students to work at different levels, however the aim of the course is to prepare students for the advanced course to be taken in years 9 and 10.

The aim of the Science course in Years 7 and 8 is to provide good grounding in the subject. This course in years 7 and 8 will touch on a wide variety of subjects, providing a solid foundation for the Year 9-10 course.


CS Education’s Selective & Scholarship Trial Tests have been developed to help our students to best prepared for the Private School Scholarship & Selective High School Entrance Examination. These trial test courses are significant part of our program for Year 6 & Year 8 students who are enrolled in the Private School Scholarship / Selective High School Tests Preparation Course.

What benefits will your child have?

  • Trial Test Course increases students’ accuracy.
  • Trial Test Course increases students’ speed.
  • Through practising exam questions every week, students’ test ability and result improve.
  • Weekly result sheets indicate a student’s weak areas, giving immediate feedback to parents about which area the student should concentrate on.
  • Students’ performance and progress are assessed accurately on a weekly basis.

WEMG Course

Special courses in each school holiday enable students to improve in a particular area, prepare for a forthcoming test or learn entirely new skill such as public speaking or drama.

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